Thank you all, for making our winter amazing!

Spring came in a flash, and it feels like the darkness of the winter left as fast as it came. Before we start to prepare for the spring, we would like to reminisce the past winter. We had almost 20 000 visitors this winter in our wintergarden and to see the amazing Snowhenge! We've had wonderfull feedback from all over Finland and all over the world. 

We've been seen in many tv-shows all over the world, Stonehenges administration acknowledged us multiple times, we were at MTV3 o'clock newscast and at the show 'salatut elämät's break! We even had visitors from all the way from Australia!

We would like to thank each and everyone of you, who desided to escape the everyday life to our winterwonderland. And a special thanks to our own small, but very tough team and all our supporters and partners.

From now on, we're open at weekends from fri to sun at 11am to 9pm. From the start on June we will be open everyday again. Now we're going to put on our working cloves and make some room for spring and the new projects that come with it. We'll be getting butterfly shipments soon, the aquariums will develop, we'll start plannin the new water element outside, and many more fun things to come!

Kiitos, tack, thank you, and we will meet in the tropic! 

Hope to see You soon!

Greengarden and outside garden are from 18.3. to 22.5. open friday to sunday from 11am to 9pm. 28.5.-29.5. closed. From 3.6. open everyday. Welcome!

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Joensuun Botania Oy is a privately owned botanical garden in Linnunlahti, Joensuu. In Botania there is two greenhouses and a 8 acres outdoor garden. Greenhouses have plants from different zones near and far. There you will also find a variety of butterflies. The outdoor garden has a sensory garden, a children's garden, a kitchen garden and much more. Welcome to enjoy the diversity of nature, culture events and much more!


Botania provides a natural environment for relaxation. Enjoy the delicacies of our coffee shop, explore the wonderful world of plants, explore the sensory garden. In Botania there is something to experience all year round.

Botania - greenhouses and gardens

Experience the diversity of nature, discover exotic new plant species. Admire the magnificent butterflies that fly in the largest greenhouse. Activate your senses in the sensory garden or play with the children in the kindergarten. Smell and taste the cuisine of the kitchen garden that our vegetarian restaurant offers.


We offer homemade treats for less than bigger hunger. The raw materials come from our own garden or are produced nearby. Our ideology fits into Botania's environment as well as global estimates. Good vegetarian delis with love.

Events at Botania

Events at Botania year around! Check upcoming Irish Fling and other summer music festivals!

Entrence fee

There is a suitable option for everyone. Please note that due to the corona epidemic, we have had to make some changes in our tickets.