• the most nordic tropical butterfly gardens in the world
  • two greenhouses that are on in the summer
  • additional greenhouses for growing plants
  • over 700 pant species
  • there is trees, bushes, flowers and vegetables and berries
  • waterplants in one fish pond in greenhouse
  • Botania was originally owned by the University of Eastern Finland until it was closed down in 2012. Botanian Ystävät ry began to maintain plants since 2012.
  • since 2018 Botania had been privately owned 

Greenhouses have undergone major changes in early 2020. Partitions have been removed and plants have been maintained, replaced, moved and planted. With the change, we have one large greenhouse and a separate desert. Plants from different zones live in harmony under the same roof. You can find coffee bushes, cocoa tree, teak, annatto tree, citrus trees, various species of figs and many, many other species. We are adding flowering plants and currently have for ex. hibiscus and others. We grow vegetables in the greenhouse for our cafe. The changes has been reflected in plant welfare. The leaves are deep green, the fruit has begun to come in abundance and the flowers bloom profusely. 

We have made a small fish pond whit cold water fish. You may see a glimpse of goldfishes or others. In the greenhouses you will find wonderful butterflies. Butterflies have gained more living space with the change, and they like to fly high. So if you don't see them right away, just be still and look up. Yes they are there. 

We ask all our customers for respectful behavior towards plants and butterflies. Plants must not be damaged, trees must not be climbed. Butterflies must not be touched or their habitat disturbed. Plant and butterfly welfare is important to us. We also consider it important that parents guide and advise their children. Parents are always responsible for their own children or for any damage caused.


  • about 8 acres
  • over 2000 plant species
  • mostly Finnish plants
  • unique sensory garden and children's garden
  • cottage garden
  • in 2020 gardens will be expanded with perennial garden etc
  • there is a stone path in the garden where you can buy your own name plate
  • Meteorological Institute weather station is located next to the children's garden

The Botania Outdoor Garden is surrounded by Linnunlahti walking trails and the Arboretum Tree Species Park. The beaches of Pyhäselä are next to us. Clean nature, clean water, Finnish seasons and silence are our most important strengths. 

In 2019, a unique sensory garden was built. There are elements for all the senses. The garden is suitable for everyone but it is a particularly great environment for people with reduced mobility and special children. The garden is suitable for the disabled. After the sensory garden, the kindergarten is a favorite place for families. It is to be further developed. 

Our kitchen garden will also be further developed. In addition it is planned to build a vegetable garden, a berry and fruit garden and possibly a school garden in 2020. For the raw materials for the cafe, we need more cultivated area, which is also being developed.